Gaia was born in Sicily (hence the picture of Stromboli volcano above!), but found a home in Tunisia, Jordan, Austria, and the United Kingdom.

She reports on a myriad of issues, including human rights, gender, and migration. She has familiarity reporting on the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

She holds an MA in International Journalism from City, University of London, and a BA in Law and International Relations from SOAS, UoL.

She speaks English, Italian, French, intermediate Spanish, and elementary Arabic.

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Gaia is a creative multimedia journalist with a hunger for reporting stories that make an impact.

She is currently working for the BBC World Service and Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, producing podcasts and radio programmes.

Previously, Gaia produced a documentary on the 2011 Arab Spring for the BBC World Service, alongside freelancing for Al Jazeera’s current affairs TV programme, The Listening Post.

Shooting at the Southbank, London.

She also single-handedly launched The New Arab Voice podcast, which she produced and co-hosted.

With an academic background in international law, human rights, and politics, Gaia uses this expertise to produce reliable, informative, and nuanced journalism projects.