Gaia was born in Sicily (hence the picture of Stromboli volcano above!), but found a home in Tunisia, Jordan, and Austria.

She reports on a myriad of issues, including human rights, gender, and migration.

She speaks English, Italian, French, intermediate Spanish, and elementary Arabic.

Gaia is a creative multimedia journalist with a hunger for reporting stories that make an impact.

She is currently working for The New Arab in London, where she writes original articles, and produces engaging video projects.

She also single-handedly launched The New Arab Voice podcast, which she produces and co-hosts.

Shooting at the Southbank, London.

Since earning her MA in International Journalism from City, University of London – with a distinction in her final video project – she has been published in The Guardian, The Telegraph, and has been nominated for Forbes’ 30 under 30 Media List (Europe).

Recording The New Arab Voice podcast from home.

With a strong background in international law, human rights, and politics, Gaia brings these expertise to complete reliable and informative journalism projects.